A Quick Hello and a Poem

Greetings and welcome once again to the Roost. I apologize for the short hiatus but things have been a bit busy with the close custody adventure set to start, and I have been trying (emphasis on trying) to do some drawing again. I must be in the mood to draw or little comes out as I want, and said mood has been elusive. But I will continue to persevere.

S0, just to prove to you all that I have not entirely flaked off… a recent poem I have composed. Just something fun, perhaps for those of you who have an affinity for vampires… I hope you enjoy.

Dreamscapes of Slyph

I’ve dreamed of her — throughout the years
Watched her shed — those blood red tears

Pale eyes — and hair of flame
She comes to me — to make her claim

Skin like ivory == and cold as stone
Her beauty the greatest — I’ve ever known

Her charm dazzles — her lust is sweet
Enslaved I am — as our lips meet

She touches my neck — and her tongue tickles
I feel warm — as blood starts to trickle

It runs from her mouth — and down her chin
Hungry she is — and must feed again

Her kiss is sweet — as she drains me dry
Pleasure is mine — as I slowly die

I will return as soon as I can get a bit more calm in my world. Things are all up in the air right now over what the future will bring. I could be moving to another unit (or not, I really cannot say at this point.) I will of course keep you up to date the best I can.



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