About Tod

Greetings and welcome to Muninn’s Roost. My name is Tod, and with the help of a very kind friend, I am able to reach out to you with thoughts, ideas, and personal writings. I am not really sure how all this blog stuff works, so I hope you will bear with me as I stumble along through uncharted territory.

I suppose a bit about myself is in order. I am on death row in the state of Arizona. I have been here for nineteen years. I know, a long time, huh?

My world is an 8×10 cage in which I am kept always. I have a toilet and sink, a small table welded to the wall, and a piece of steel for a bed that I sleep on. I eat, sleep, and do everything but shower right here. And speaking of showers, I get twelve a month. A prison guard comes in my door three times a week, chains me, and walks me to a smaller cage where I shower and then stand and wait till someone comes to take me back to my cage. (Usually about an hour but it can be longer. I think my personal record is something like three hours.)

There are eight of us in this block. Our cages are side by side. There are twelve blocks on “The Row”. Some hold as many as ten. The noise can be horrendous. Doors, big metal ones, slamming, people yelling… always the noise.

I tell you this to give you a sense of where I live so perhaps you might understand what it means to me to be able to reach out like this. I can but hope some of you reach back with questions, comments, whatever. It’s all input from outside this place.

Over the years I have written some things:┬áprose and poetry. I don’t know if it is any “good” or not but I will share it with you. A lot of it is kind of dark and raw. (It is inspired by this place, after all.) I hope to hear what you think about it as well.

I don’t personally have direct access to the internet at all. This is all through the help of a kind– very kind–friend.

Besides writing, I am told that I have some small talent at drawing, although I don’t think I can share that with you here. But for now, I will submit some of my authorship, I hope it moves those who read it in some way.

Goodbye for now.


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