In order to help direct readers to resources, information, and news about the death penalty, I (Anna) have compiled the following list of helpful links. It will be updated fairly regularly and new links will be added.

The Marshall Project is a news organization committed to providing “the best criminal justice news from around the web, delivered daily.” They cover many aspects of the criminal justice system, including capital punishment.

In addition, the Marshall Project also produces a “detailed, up-to-date schedule of coming executions” with their “The Next To Die” countdown. This unique tool displays the names of those scheduled for execution in the near future, information about each person, and a countdown to the minute of the next scheduled execution in the United States, or in any given state. They work with local news media outlets to share updates about stays of execution, last-minute appeals, and to confirm when an inmate has in fact been executed. In so doing, their aim is to¬†“bring attention, and thus accountability, to these upcoming executions.”

Death Penalty News is an anti-death-penalty blog that provides daily news updates related to the death penalty, both in the United States and abroad.





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