Support the Roost

Since Tod and I started Muninn’s Roost, many people from all over the world have joined Tod on his journey by subscribing to and reading his work. Some of you even send in questions for him, which I pass along to him and he writes the answers for me to post.

A few times a month, in addition to his personal letters to me, he sends things that he has written so that I can publish them. He is thrilled that people actually care about his experiences and his writing and want to read his blog.

I feel incredibly honored to get to be a part of this project, both because I enjoy collaborating with Tod and because it is a privilege to participate in something so groundbreaking. While several men and women who have been executed have had a loved one post their journals, creative work, or letters posthumously, few– if any– other blogs exist that are written by a living condemned person.

First and foremost, Muninn’s Roost has always been about giving Tod a voice and a platform through which to be heard. But we’re doing more than just that– we’re also providing a glimpse, through Tod’s unique perspective, into a world that few people know anything about.

Unfortunately, like many inmates on death row, Tod struggles to scrape together the commissary funds to buy things we take for granted— like envelopes, paper, soap, and stamps– that allow him even a tiny connection to the outside world. He also rarely gets to call his son because he has to purchase “phone time” in order to do that, and that is often not feasible.

I am not currently in a position to help Tod out financially. He knows this, and has never asked me for money, or for anything else except my friendship.

However, because he has been so generous in sharing his time, talent, and perspective with the world through his blog, it is my hope that some who have found his writing meaningful might choose to contribute something– even if it’s just a few bucks— to help him continue reaching out beyond the bars of his cell and sharing his ideas with the world.

If you would like to support Muninn’s Roost by donating to Tod’s commissary fund, there are two ways you can do that: 

1.) Contribute directly through JPay. You will need to go to the JPay website, and enter Tod’s DOC ID number (130941) and the state in which he is incarcerated (Arizona). From there you will be directed to a page where you can make a secure deposit directly into his commissary. This is the simplest way to make a one-time direct contribution.

2.) Become a sponsor on Patreon. 100% of funds raised via the Patreon account I set up for Muninn’s Roost will be put into Tod’s commissary. With Patreon, you can sign up to contribute a certain amount per month or a certain amount per project (in this case, that would be per blog post).

Every human being, regardless of what they have done or what they have been through, deserves to be listened to and cared about. Every human being deserves a voice. That belief is at the crux of why we started Muninn’s Roost.

I am grateful to every single person who has chosen to listen to Tod’s voice by reading his blog. I hope that, if you are able, you will consider making a small contribution to support his ongoing work.

Thank you,