My song is written on the sacrificial
altar-stone in crimson. Cries of atonement
and the waking of repentance are its
iniquitous melody.

I am an abomination, a malignance born
of liars and those of weak character. I
permeate a world made by traitors and

It is I to whom you will turn when desperation
wins out over reason and your
sanity has fled. You will imagine me as
savior and I will laugh.

I am the progeny of hatred and ignorance,
my putrid arms will enfold you and pull
you into desolate realms draped in endless
night and you will succumb to the perverse
rituals of fools.

I am woe– one kiss from my scabrous
lips and poison will burn through your veins
like hard shards of broken glass.. you will
know torment by my hand.

Your debt–written in blood upon the
skin of your own children– a debt
that will steal from them their very
innocence– will come due.

I have murdered in your name. You are
devoid of honor and you now belong
to me. I will break your mind– I will
torture your soul– I will take from
you everything as is my right…



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